4) Is there anything special I should do when I take a photo?
    Try to keep the background as simple and uncluttered as possible so your printing can be easily read. We can usually remove some unwanted items for no charge. If you want us to alter or replace the background we charge $60 an hour.

5) Where are some recommended areas to take photographs?
    If you are photographing a vehicle, a field or lawn will work excellent. If you park on blacktop, try to pick a place that is void of white lines. If white lines are present in the photograph just request us to remove them. Usually there is no charge for this alteration.

6) When is the best time of day to photograph?
    Usually the best time is in the morning or mid-afternoon. Keep the sun behind or beside you...never shoot into the sun. A cloudy day also works fine, however you should keep in mind that the “sun” should still be behind you. Even though you many not actually see the sun it is still illuminating the item you are photographing through the clouds.

7) What about photographing people or products?
    We recommend that the people or products be placed off center. This will allow the text to be placed in the "open area" next to the person or product. Keep the background clean and simple to allow the text/logo to stand out.

8) Can I send a color logo to be used on any of the photo products?
    Yes, send us a clear color copy of your logo. If it is in an electronic file, it should be at 300 DPI or more.

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